✂ #5 / hedgehog ~e x p o s e d~ is an email distributed to recipients of the Arcane Kids' newsletter announcing the release of Sonic Dreams Collection and the password to access HEDGEHOG EXPOSED 2015©.

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hey it's me jo, arcane kids manager. pay attention to me lol.
sometimes when everyone sucks and idk what to do, i look up to the
big blue guy in the sky... Sonic... my boyfriend...
this time he looked back and blessed us idiots with FOUR long lost Dreamcast Sonic games. because you're part of the arcane kids club, you get first access to what we call the Sonic Dreams Collection:
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Download now on HEDGEHOG.EXPOSED
the password is grandpa

these are h o t files, so please make copies. in the event that corporate
fat cats try to bury the truth once again, please... spread the dream...
we will announce the game properly some time later this week.

- jo arcane kids manager [L.A. branch]