The Arcane Kids hint is a series of two messages that appeared on 4chan's /v/ imageboard on August 13, 2015 during a discussion of the Sonic Dreams Collection ARG. The messages were written by an anonymous author, and although the posts are tagged under Arcane Kids' name, determining their authenticity is impossible.

Authenticity Edit

As the posts were written anonymously, they come under criticism for various red flags found in the clues themselves.

A glaring red flag is the exclusion of OS X users from participation in parts of the Sonic Dreams Collection ARG. If running the Windows version in Windows 95 compatibility mode did anything (it does not), it would mean that Arcane Kids have effectively excluded a significant majority of their audience from participation in the game's ARG.

Another red flag is the "HATE" for the Sonic the Hedgehog fanbase. While often unsettling, Sonic Dreams Collection serves as more of a curious exploration of the Sonic fanbase and not an angry reaction to it. This could simply be a member of Arcane Kids not using the best choice of words, or perhaps evidence that the poster is relatively unfamiliar with Sonic Dreams Collection and any kind of deeper understanding of the Sonic fanbase.

Supposed Clues Edit

  • The number of ascensions triggering a new feature in another part of Sonic Dreams Collection
  • Running the game in compatibility mode (Windows 95 or Windows 3.1)
  • The significance of the numbers 1 and 3 from wh1t3Glove.
  • Further unknown version differences.
  • The address 13 Velocity Ave., c/o Mount Rushmore, Sioux Falls, SD 76642