Backyard is the first stage of Sonic Movie Maker.

Description Edit

Backyard's name speaks for itself. This stage features a diapered, infant Sonic/Original Character set against a stereotypical backyard scene, complete with a shed with American footballs, and a vintage sedan. Backyard serves as the game's tutorial stage with a few speech bubbles introducing the player to Sonic Movie Maker's basic controls.

The stage is made up of some elevated grassy ground, serving as the foundation for the rest of its assets. These include a doghouse (where the camera and instructions on how to use it are), a large shed, the aforementioned sedan, and a couple palm trees, and a few props, as well as Sonic/the Original Character. The stage is bordered with a typical white fence. Four springs also sit at the corners of the stage. The background resembles the Windows XP background titled "Bliss", though it is not identical.

Props Edit

  • 3 palm leaves with control instructions labelled onto them
  • 3 professional cameras on tripods
  • 4 footballs
  • Sonic/the Original Character
  • the sedan
  • a chao

Speech Bubbles Edit

To the left of the stage

  • This is fun
  • Toss the ball, dad!
  • I love my dad
  • Let's go home

Behind the stage

  • Bark, bark

Given by an Eggy

  • Hike

Significance Edit

Behind the shoot's backdrop lie the speech bubbles X and Y placed in front of a film camera, implying the Original Character was lured behind the stage and sexually assaulted. The dark and implied nature of Backyards's storytelling serves to set the tone of Sonic Movie Maker's plot.

Bark bark

(While there IS a camera behind the stage, the only speech bubble behind the stage says "Bark, bark", so I don't know where this is coming from. I'll leave this here just in case in the meantime.)

Secrets Edit

  • An Eggy is hidden to the right of the starting point down a short alley. He will say that he wants a football. If the player gives the Eggy one of the four footballs found on the stage, the Eggy will spawn a speech bubble that says "Hike" which can be used in filming.
  • Springs will bounce any object they hit.

Trivia Edit

  • The background of the scene is similar to the default Windows XP desktop background, Bliss.
  • This is the only stage where the camera needs to be obtained in order to spawn most of the speech bubbles.