Birthing is the fifth stage in Sonic Movie Maker. You will start seeing Sonic fat, and what you have to do is pull the ring or jump at Sonic's stomach and wait untill his stomach is back to normal. To win the level, you will have to grab anything, and break the glass. Then grab the camera and do the movie (you can use anything that can be grabbed and you can skip the process of making Sonic's stomach back to normal) and then go to the exit. In this stage, you can find 4 eggys and a helicopter you can grab. If you use the helicopter, you can get to 2 eggys that are on the building. Its reccomended to use the Jump Glitch to get there, because using the helicopter is slow to reach there. to reach another eggy in a far building, again, use the helicopter or the Jump Glitch. To get to the last egg, you will have to break the glass and go to the right, go down the stairs and you will find a eggy called '911 Egg'. He will say you that his house burned down and wants you to spare him a ring. If you spare him a ring (that Sonic pooped out) he will say a text bubble that says 'Pro life'. There is also a building that does a mouse noise(?), and it only does it if you click it, so better start clicking all of them. Also, at the start, behind the player there is a wooden plate. If you hit it, you will find bricks, and if you drag a brick or hit any of them will make them fall down, and show something, that it contains 'mjstudios'. Its used for accessing SegaNet