The Egg Baby is an odd, bean-shaped Eggman encountered in Eggman Origin and the final step in ascension.

Appearance Edit

The Egg Baby sits atop a capsule in the direct center of Eggman Origin and is essentially Dr. Eggman's model from (game) compressed into the shape of a bean. His face turns to follow the Heron wherever it travels.

Behavior Edit

Feeding a worm to the Egg Baby will result in it growing larger with every worm. Upon being fed six worms the Egg Baby will cry out in a distorted voice as his capsule rises from the ground. A spiral staircase leads the Heron to the top of the capsule where the Egg Baby elongates its rubbery neck and swallows the Heron whole, allowing an Original Character to ascend to the Chao Garden as an Angel.

Quotes Edit

Was this my grandfather's legacy?[1]
Farewell! Sonic the Hedgehog![2]

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