Hotel is the third stage in Sonic Movie Maker.


Hotel, like the name suggests, it's a Hotel building with only one room open on the second floor with two rooms, a backstreet, a van vehicle next to a street light and a big sign that states "Hotel". Sonic/The OC it's inside the second room of the Hotel on the bed with Rouge the Bat, Blaze the Cat and Shadow the Hedgehog, doing what it looks like an orgy. In the first room there is Tails who looks to be sad and alone.

The camera its at the entrance.


  • Sonic/The OC
  • Rouge the Bat
  • Blaze the Cat
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Tails
  • 8 cups
  • The remains of the sign from the last stage PROM.
  • A burning heart. (Secret)

Speech BubblesEdit

Inside the second room:

  • I'm horny
  • I'm lonely

Given by an Eggy:

  • My dream came true


  • At the end of the backstreet, there is an Eggy. He will say that he love Tails but it's too shy, this maybe suggests that the Eggy It's in love with Tails or it's his favorite character. If the player brings Tails to the Eggy, this will spawn the speech bubble "My dreamcame true" and the prop burning heart.
  • If the player, instead, brings Tails to the "PARTY" on the bed they will spawn particles of hears.


This problably try to show the existence of the erotic art about Sonic: pictures, animations, videos and comics, all fanmade. This is not an exclusive of the franchise to have this kind of material, like the Rule 34 establishes.