Make My Sonic is the first game in Sonic Dreams Collection and allows players to create their own Sonic the Hedgehog original character. The original character can be customized, posed, and photographed before being uploaded to SegaNet. Original characters created in Make My Sonic will appear in Sonic Movie Maker and Eggman Origin.

Description Edit

Make My Sonic was MJSTUDIO's first prototype
with SEGA, a Sonic 'OC' (original character)
creator. MJSTUDIO was committed to fan
self-expression. They believed that Sonic was
versatile enough for every genre, even sci-fi.

Originally, Make My Sonic was meant to create
and upload avatars for use with every Dreamcast
through SEGANET. Sadly, no future games
supported this level of creativity.

[Version 3.2] Added Twitter support

In Universe Edit

Make My Sonic is a 1996 prototype of an original character creation video game for the Sega Dreamcast, developed by MJSTUDIO but left unreleased. Later in 2013, game development group Arcane Kids purchased a Dreamcast development kit off eBay which was found to contain four previously-unknown prototype games. These four games were updated for modern compatibility and released by Arcane Kids as Sonic Dreams Collection.

Customization Options Edit

Players can enlarge or shrink their original character's head, legs and arms, in addition to changing fur and background color. Names are generated randomly from character titles common to a caricaturized Sonic fanbase.

Photo Booth Edit

The Photo Booth allows players to take a screenshot of their original character from a variety of camera angles. Once a screenshot is taken it is saved in Sonic Dreams Collection's program folder, and the player has the option to tweet the photo or upload it to SegaNet. Upon uploading the original character will be available for play in Eggman Origin.

The Photo Booth also includes a Printable Mode filter that activates a black and white cel-shaded style filter on the original character and background. Printable Mode is purely aesthetic.

Twitter Functionality Edit

Make My Sonic allows players to export their creations to Twitter. Like Sonic Movie Maker, a player's Twitter account can be linked to the game, and once connected can be be disconnected from an icon on the Sonic Dreams Collection menu.

When exporting a picture to Twitter, Make My Sonic defaults to the following message:

I made my own Sonic, check it out! #sonicdreams

Significance Edit

In Make My Sonic, the entirety of the game consists of creating original characters. While sounding promising on paper, any characters created with the game are very limited in customization, reinforcing the fact that all Sonic the Hedgehog original characters are quite obviously still Sonic the Hedgehog. No matter how hard the player might try, you can only ever be Sonic the Hedgehog.