Rebirth is the theme of being reborn, either into the same body or a new one. Sonic Dreams Collection touches on rebirth as a parallel to vore, interpreting the Sonic fanbase's vore fetish as a desire to become reborn as Sonic the Hedgehog. By merging themselves with Sonic, their own identity comes into question and perhaps no longer exists, instead being reborn as a Sonic original character. This theme is reinforced with the numerous egg references scattered throughout Sonic Dreams Collection, and most notably with ascension being the game's penultimate goal.

Notable Examples Edit

In Make My Sonic, the entirety of the game consists of creating Sonic the Hedgehog original characters. While sounding promising on paper, any characters created with the game are very limited in customization options, reinforcing the fact that all Sonic the Hedgehog original characters are quite obviously still Sonic. No matter how hard the player may try, you can only ever be Sonic the Hedgehog.

In Sonic Movie Maker, rebirth is alluded to be the end result of vore. The strong themes of childbirth in both the Birthing and Crib stages highlight the Sonic fanbase's desire to be reborn as either Sonic or an original character, something further supported by being birthed through Rouge's stomach and anus. Upon completion of the game, the characters can be seen celebrating a birth, with "It takes a village" draped above the party.

In My Roommate Sonic, the Roommate is eventually swept up into Sonic's massive eye and sits in the fetal position, lost within an empty void. However the Roommate soon transforms into Sonic the Hedgehog himself, where the player is finally told "i hope this is what you wanted".

In Eggman Origin, the Heron must be swallowed by the Egg Baby to ascend, 'rebirthing' the original character to the Chao Garden as an Angel.

Significance Edit

The Sonic fanbase's desire to become the character of Sonic the Hedgehog has resulted in countless original characters, but by taking it a step further to being swallowed and merged entirely with Sonic, the fetish invites some uncomfortable questions about identity and self. Sonic Dreams Collection interprets this as a rebirthing; that the Sonic fanbase's vore fetish is a longing desire to be born into a new persona, only to have the process repeat endlessly without progress.