Sonic Dreams Collection is a video game from indie developer Arcane Kids, released for Windows and OS X in 2015. The game presents itself as a series of four long-lost prototypes for the Sega Dreamcast and as such features aesthetics similar to early games for the system, like soft pastels, rounded buttons and a sparse, mystic soundtrack.

The game requires fictional emulation of a non-existent online network to unlock full functionality and encourages the player to dig through the program's executable folder as part of the gameplay experience.


Sonic Dreams Collection is a four game collection of prototype Sonic the Hedgehog games, programmed by MJSTUDIO for early revisions of the Sega Dreamcast but ultimately left unreleased. Later in 2013, game development group Arcane Kids purchased a Dreamcast development kit off eBay which was found to contain the four previously-unknown prototypes. These games were updated for compatibility with modern systems and released by Arcane Kids as Sonic Dreams Collection.


Sonic Dreams Collection contains the following four games:

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