The Sonic Dreams Collection ARG refers to the continued exploration of Sonic Dreams Collection's undocumented features. Due to the abstract nature of the game, the ARG is not a focused effort from Arcane Kids but instead the sum of the community's curiosity with the mysterious presentation of Sonic Dreams Collection.


Background Edit

Developer Arcane Kids approaches game design in a way that encourages player exploration. Sonic Dreams Collection provided intriguing to players by hiding away an essential component of gameplay in the game's program folder and providing little to no reference to its location.

Clues Edit

List all clues and oddities included in Sonic Dreams Collection only.

  • The Constant themes of Vore (Being the primary focus of the later scenes of Sonic Movie Maker) and Rebirth (Being a running theme throughout the whole game, most notably in Eggman Origin and My Roomate Sonic)
  • The Fuckball, being a odd spawnable prop in the second scene of Sonic Movie Maker that warps and glitches the area, which in turn, makes it the primary method of reaching most other secrets.
  • The various Hidden Eggies in the game (Most notably MASTER), usually saying odd/cryptic things and occasionally asking for a prop to give either a textbox or a new prop to use.
  • The Fake Pineapple, being the object needed to obtain the Fuckball, it is currently unknown what it's signifigance (If there is any.) to the ARG.
  • The entirety of Eggman Origin is just one big oddity and clue in the ARG, being the secondary focus of the game, it contains the most amount of content,along with Sonic Movie Maker.
  • The Moon being able to be grabbed and be pulled in to show that it has a floating eye inside it.
  • The fact that the player in Sonic Movie Maker seems to be a blue cylinder.
  • The odd speech bubbles hidden throughout Sonic Movie Maker (Such as the MASTER, SLAVE and Don't Touch ones in Prom and the Sorry Daddy in Feeding.)

Arcane Kids and the ARG Edit

List all clues and oddities not included in Sonic Dreams Collection, such as the Arcane Kids hint.

References Edit

-The explorative nature of the game

-Player self-discovery of SegaNet

-Concept of breaking game rules to explore ancient digital leftovers (glitch-hopping to hidden Eggys)

-Overview of community efforts and interest (all yielding nothing)