Sonic Dreams Collection OST is the soundtrack to Sonic Dreams Collection by composer and Arcane Kids member torahhorse. It was released on August 17th, 2015 through Bandcamp and is currently priced a minimum of $4.00.[1]

Composition Edit

Track listing Edit

  1. Shades 4 Dogs
  2. Bobobo
  3. Beautiful Egg
  4. Anticipation
  5. Prom (Together Again Nightcore Mix)
  6. Afterparty (Touch It Nightcore Mix)
  7. Crib Theme
  8. Big Blue '98
  9. Carpet Boys
  10. Dream Fugue
  11. Dweep Beat
  12. Fog Rolls In
  13. Loud Server (Unsafe)

Differences from Sonic Dreams Collection Edit

  • Bosa is not featured on the soundtrack. This is likely due to torahhorse not composing the song.
  • Soju is not featured on the soundtrack. This may be an oversight in the album's production.
  • Loud Server (Unsafe) features an entire new composition from its in-game counterpart glapp.


-The Sonic Movie Maker instructions theme is 'soju'

-The SegaNet Amped (TM) BoltNet theme is 'glapp'

-The SegaNet idle theme is titled 'bosa' and is tagged 2009.

-The "Is this my grandfather's legacy?" clip is tagged as 'Bird of Paradise' from Vulpixic's 2013 release "Birds of Paradise", complete with album art.

-The Fuckball jingle sound is from Jennifer Lopez - Waiting For Tonight.

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