Miles Prower, more commonly known as Tails, is a character from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game franchise.[1] In Sonic Dreams Collection, Tails serves an important role as a side character in the game Sonic Movie Maker.

In Universe Edit

Behavior Edit

-Default description for ragdoll moaning and heart spawning, and any other behavior quirks that should be listed here

Locations Edit

Hotel Edit

In Hotel, Tails can be found lying unconscious against the beer pong table inside the room, and unlike Hotel's other ragdolls is completely motionless.

Feeding Edit

In Feeding, Tails is also unconscious and is lowered into the stage on a giant birthday cake after feeding Sonic the Hedgehog x pieces of food. He can then be picked up and swallowed whole by Sonic, seemingly unharmed.

Birthing Edit

In Birthing, Tails resides in Sonic's inflated stomach. To be removed, the player must pull on the ring rope to continually 'pop' objects out of Sonic's belly. After enough objects have been popped out the speech bubble "Let me out of here!" will appear, and with another pull of the ring rope Tails is forcefully ejected from Sonic's anus. Once removed, Tails is fully conscious/still unconscious. (check)

Crib Edit

In Crib, the player is eventually birthed from Rouge and falls into the stage's crib, along with diapered versions of Tails and Blaze. Here Tails moves normally like other ragdolls, slowly rolling to simulate movement.

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