Wayne Gretzky is a Canadian former ice hockey player whose name is referenced upon successfully logging into SegaNet. WIP Needs a re-write to work in My Roommate Sonic and still maintain sentence flow.


-SegaNet Upon successfully logging into SegaNet, the server window will print the text getEXACTtext. -Sonic Movie Maker In My Roommate Sonic WIP What triggers Sonic to say this?

This voice clip was also possibly intended to be used upon successfully logging in to SegaNet, as its associated audio file x is also located within SegaNet itself, although never used.


If there's any significance with this, it's with Wayne Gretzky Rules, the nickname (?) for a specific set of hockey roles. I'm writing this on my phone right now so I'll have to re-edit this later but I'll get back with the meaning of those roles, and also the year they were brought into effect. Nice page creation!